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Daksh – Remotely operated vehicle

The first batch of five remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Daksh, designed and developed by Research and Development Establishment (R&DE), Pune, was handed over to the Indian Army in early 2012. The Indian Army has placed a limited-series-production order for 20 Daksh after extensive trials, testing and acceptance. The army is planning to buy 100 more such remotely operated vehicles to deploy in different sectors for their anti-IED operations. It is also reported that the DRDO is working on a gun-mounted robot (GMR) which is capable of shooting with the help of small arms mounted on it. DRDO is further developing soldier robots that can work like human soldiers. With the use of artificial intelligence and pre-fed data, DRDO is apparently attempting to create a soldier robot.

At DefExpo, a Defense based Exhibition, one of the arms manufacturing company showcased its popular Telemax explosive ordnance robot. According to the company, it has received a wide interest from Indian military and paramilitary forces. It is considered one of the most advanced and versatile robots available in the market today. It packs up small enough to fit in the back of a small SUV but when opened, is able to reach over 2.4m height. A four-track running gear has been used in Telemax, making it the first time in a vehicle of this size, which offers a good mobility compared to other forms of running gear. It can overcome obstacles of up to half a metre in height without problems and also trenched of 60cm in width.

– Ajinkya Kanchar (data sourced)