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M.Sc. I.T. Project Group 1

Title: – Automated Wheel Chair
Team: – Kunal Shah, Ninad Deo
College: – Khalsa College, Matunga, Mumbai.

Numerous wheelchairs have been devised having special features for accommodating the basic physical needs of the mobility impaired. However, the use of conventional wheelchairs has served primarily as transportation vehicles which require significant human assistance. Therefore to provide a solution to this problem a multi-feature automated wheelchair and method provides a significant degree of freedom for the mobility impaired, with minimum to virtually no need for human intervention.

The wheel-chair provides with various types of transmission systems viz. manual, wireless, brain-logic. But in any of these, the wheel-chair shall be automated in the terms of its safety features to avoid collisions, because we may not neglect human errors in any systems.

The wheel-chair consists of four main features manual, wireless, computerized, autonomous. The manual option is handled by a joystick, the wireless option is operated with a transmitter and receiver, the computer mode is performed with the help of hyper-terminal software which is found in d accessories option of the computer, finally the autonomous mode gives a static as well as a dynamic way of reaching to a destination and then coming back to the same original place.

By the realization of the above proposed system one can learn many aspects of a digital electronics and circuitry. This will give the complete knowledge of designing microcontroller based system and developing embedded software.

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