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Ohh you sure be. TGS conducted Live-wire, a basic manual Robotics workshop in Rajiv Gandhi Medical College in Thane, Mumbai, India. It was our first venture into the medical field and it was a wonderful experience.

Wondering why robotics in Medical field? A pure medical field that is, not even para-medical.
The answer is interest. Robotics is such an interesting field which can be learnt as an extra-curricular activity or a hobby. The basic manual robotics workshop that we had does not have very difficult concepts; it can be learnt by anyone. We are already taking it to the schools, then why not these medical students!

Wondering what is the use learning it and wasting money? Think again.
Everything that we learn in life has a price to pay, either in money or time. Robotics is of course a costly field. So whoever wants to learn it, will of course need to deal with the costly side of it. But more importantly, we need to understand that knowledge should not be restricted by this.

Robotics helps us to understand basic electronic devices and expands our knowledge horizon. Then why not learn something innovative like it? Add to it, we also try to make sure that the cost is not too much of a factor by having a sharing system on a single training kit.

Well, we also thank Ms. Rupali Bansal from the same college for inviting us to conduct the workshop.