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Technology Learning system in schools

Education in schools today is limited by a fixed curriculum which is good in its form but restricted to expand a child´s intelligence. Add to that, most practical lessons that are conducted are not in relative terms with our own practical life.

Tell me, how many chemicals do you come across in real life? Have you played with H2SO4 in your bedroom or study table or kitchen? Do you check the breadth, width and height before buying a product? Do you wonder about gravity while flying in an aircraft?

So it does not mean that we should not learn them. When we can learn & practically experiment things which we don not really do or in our life ahead, then why should not we learn & practically experiment things which we would rather come across in our lives.

To answer this, we at TGS vouch for the introduction of “Technical education” in schools. Technical education must be inclusive in theory and practicals w.r.t technical subjects or extra courses. This means introduction of Technology Learning System.

Some of the more prominent and usable learning modules can be –
1. Robotics and Robot building – helps in understanding future technology of the world.
2. Mobile Repairing – something that most of us use in daily life.
3. Web designing using html, css, and flash – The most common business sector in world.
4. Ethical Hacking – Everyone is online; we need more security.
5. Electronics, hobby kit designing – Kids play electronic games nowadays.
Etc… Although there are many, we feel these 5 are very important today.