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Junk Funk Robotics

As the name suggests, it is a conglomeration of electronics, e-waste & innovation. It is a unique Workshop, one of its kind in the world where students are taught to develop, or should we INNOVATE using e-waste; basically components of CD/DVD players & cassette players. Some of its parts are used to develop electronic devices called Robots in common engineering terms.

Zipper: It is a unique device that runs on a wire. It is self-balanced and very quick; developed with a focus on future development of high-end robots for rescue operations, component transfers etc.

Craz-e: It is a small remote controlled car, which runs like mice. It runs in all 4 directions as per signals given & is very swift. It is smaller than the size of a palm with its LEDs in night vision.

We came up with this idea while brain-storming on how to involve the school kids into Robotics using the basic methods yet application-oriented. The true applications of Junk Funk might not be for any productive use; it is just a method or process oriented workshop to encourage utilizing the waste to make something worthwhile. Thereby, it is an educational application.

This is a workshop conducted by TGS super-EXCLUSIVELY conducted by TGS only.