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MSc IT project development

Techno Gravity Solutions believes in development. With this motive we started our project assistance department. Here we are having 2 groups of 2 individuals each, students of the MSc IT course under Mumbai University. We are developing a project known as “Automated wheel-chair”.

Although Techno Gravity Solutions is in its own stage of development of “Automated wheel-chair” as a commercial product, we would also like to impart comprehensive training to develop such projects at various levels.

They have been undergoing various stages of training like basic hardware, interfacing and programming. The most interesting sessions have been one where we pick up one real-life application and develop a project synthesis on paper. Designing hardware, drawing block diagrams, deriving algorithms and noting macros, are the steps we follow.

Still many more sessions left… We will update more interesting sessions and moments.
Have a good time.