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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Engineers Create Robot Muscles

Engineers Create Robot Muscles Than Are 1000 Times Stronger Than Human Robotics is finally taking the form of reality and what was once considered only fiction is right here in front of us. We have always seen robots being portrayed as powerful machines that are

Daksh – Remotely operated vehicle

The first batch of five remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Daksh, designed and developed by Research and Development Establishment (R&DE), Pune, was handed over to the Indian Army in early 2012. The Indian Army has placed a limited-series-production order for 20 Daksh after extensive trials, testing

Robotic Technology in Defence

In a futuristic battlefield, which would rely widely on precision guided weapons and virtual platforms, Robotic technology is going to play a pivotal role. Presently, the use of robotics with the military and paramilitary forces, especially in India, is limited to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)